2019 Summer Research Conference

Another summer, another URC conference in the books! We had a fantastic ten weeks of summer, and we are definitely not ready to part with our beloved former members, Anne Marie and Daniel, who stayed for their final summer in the Cannon Lab. Anne Marie is off to Harvard and Daniel is off to UC Irvine, where they will both continue to do amazing work. We wish them the best of luck in graduate school!

Cannon Lab at NOS 2019

Kayla, Marc, and Yuri had a great time presenting their research this week at the 46th National Organic Symposium at Indiana University, and Yuri was awarded the Undergraduate Poster Prize for her session! Jeff was also featured on a panel about academic careers at PUIs and had the opportunity to speak about his experience leading a group of undergrads. See you in two years for even more exciting chemistry, NOS!

2018 Summer Research Conference

Another summer in the lab has come to an end, but we had a great time presenting our research to our peers at the URC’s Summer Research Conference. We are looking forward to continuing our work into the semester! Good luck to our former members, Katherine and Scott, who stayed for one final summer before they begin graduate school in the fall!